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Introducing Our Teachers

llama yama yoga | Ashley Dorton

Ashley Dorton

She first discovered yoga while living on the Big Island of Hawaii and decided to move to Denver to pursue her dream of teaching. She is a certified RYT-500; receiving her RYT-200 from Yoga Pod Denver West and RYT-300 through My Vinyasa Practice. She also received her 60-hour Hot and 60-hour Yin certifications and fell in love with Hot and Yin along the way. Ashley’s mission in life is to motivate and inspire each of her students to find self-love and better self-care practices through the art of yoga.

llama yama yoga | Diane Bradley

Diane Bradley

Hey! My name is Diane Bradley, and I am a certified 200-hour Yoga Instructor. I received my 200 YTT in October 2018 in Carlsbad, California. I began my yoga journey 7 years ago during a time I could not run due to an injury. During that first class, with the help of an amazing teacher, I began to slow my body down, and my mind soon followed. Since this class I knew I needed yoga to be a consistent part of my life. I chose to enroll in YTT with the intention of learning how to teach and share my experiences and the transformation that yoga has brought to my life. As a teacher I wish to express what resonates with me physically, mentally, and spiritually in my yoga practice.

llama yama yoga | Ginny Sautner

Ginny Sautner

Ginny Sautner has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years.  During that time, she has studied with Tim Miller, one of the first American Ashtangi yogis and Jeana Darlington, who studied under BKS Iyengar.  She certified officially through Trisatya Yoga several years ago.  With a foundation in Ashtanga yoga, her classes are typically Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa and heated.  A longtime Havasu resident, a public school teacher, and a mother, Ginny is grateful for a space to share her love of a yoga practice with others.  

llama yama yoga | Dana Cuney

Dana Cuney

Hi, my name is Dana. I began my yoga practice in my fifties and it wasn’t long before I began to experience the benefits of yoga. I wanted to learn more about this wonderful practice, so I decided to attain my Teaching Certification, which led me to other certifications in the many facets of yoga. My learning process is ongoing and life changing. I love teaching and bringing the benefits I have received to my students. Yoga builds strength, balance and flexibility, while helping connect mind, body and soul. Let us help you relax and make time just for you. Hope to see you on the mat!

llama yama yoga | Amy Soroka

Amy Soroka

Amy is a licensed nail technician for 20 years who specializes in wellness pedicures, implementing several healing practices in her craft. 

She fell in love with yoga 9 years ago when She utilized nutrition and yoga to help heal from trauma and illness. From there, she was inspired to pursue wellness education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. She obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher training, numerous advanced teacher trainings, life coach certification, aromatherapy and reflexology. 

Amys mission is to meet you where your at and help you to honor your body while also having fun. 


Dr. Lucinda Mallory 

Dr Lucinda (Lu) is not only an alternative medicine practitioner; she is a hard core athlete. You can find her at MMA, hot vinyasa, trail running and the gym.  She is certified in hot pilates, which includes hot power yoga and hot boot camps.

She has been a yogi for 15 years and going strong. 
Yoga keeps her able to mountain climb, run trails and work out hard!
She actually does take a chunk of her day to help patients with energy, balancing hormones, anti-aging, weight-loss and chronic illness. 
At Llama Yama she offers free 30 minute health coaching  to new patients. 
She also answers any member's health questions via text. 


Karey Mohamed

Hello my friends,

My name is Karey, I am very excited to be an addition to the Llama Yama Family and would love to share a quick background of myself.  I spent the first half of my life as a trained ballerina and competitive dancer. As a young adult I was blessed with a beautiful family and put my heart and soul into being a wife & mom.  During that time of my life I found a passion for fitness and combined that with my ballet/dance training.  I became a teacher of Dance Fusion/Fitness classes and taught & mentored many beautiful souls with a like minded love for music & movement for 15 yrs. 

With my growing passion for fitness and the changing trends, I was inspired to start a women’s boot camp & personal training program in my hometown of Norco, Ca. I got my ACE certification and found a new love of inspiring others to connect with their mind, body & soul connection.  I was able to teach others the importance of technique and working at a level that makes fitness fun & function able.  I am a new resident of Lake Havasu and have felt right at home with the small town/community feeling you get here! I feel blessed to join the Llama Yama Family and share my passion of life, music, movement, love and positive vibes with all of you.


Hilory Arness

Born & raised in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, I have a degree in Medical Phlebotomy & a degree in Early Childhood Development. I began learning contemporary dance and belly dance through Encore Dance Academy in Alaska in 2012. I began learning Pole Fitness as a student in 2016. I received my Level 1-4 Pole Fitness Instructor Certification in 2017 in Las Vegas at the Pole Dance Studio with Fawnia Mondey. I received my SharQui Belly Dance Instructor Certification in 2018.

I have truly enjoyed my time and experience in dance and fitness for the past 9 years. To me, dance and fitness combined is a beautifully progressive form of exercise that is not only physically demanding but fun at the same time! All you need is a positive attitude and an open mind😊


Geno Licari

Hello, my name is Geno Licari, I have been involved in athletics as an athlete, coach or teacher since a very young ange. I have been a Physical Education teacher and coach in Lake Havasu for 28 years. Discovering yoga about 8 years ago, I was both humbled and electrified from my very first class.I not only like the physical benefits of yoga but also the grounding and peacefulness it brings to my life. My passion for helping others through teaching and coaching, along with my love of yoga is what led me to pursue teacher training.

I just completed my 60-hour hot yoga certification at Llama Yama, I am now ready to continue my yoga journey in the role of a teacher.


Jina Montgomery 

Hello my lovies!
My name is Jina, and I am honored to announce that I am now apart of the Llama Yama Instructor tribe ✨ I’ve been practicing yoga since I was an adolescent and through the years I have found an unconditional love for hot! My goal for all of you beautiful souls is to completely immerse yourself in our practice, releasing all stress and negative energy. I can’t wait for us to come together on our Mat’s and just vibe together!

Lots of love

Jina xo


Cristina Navaretta


The stress of modern life can lead to self-neglect and burn out and that’s exactly what happened to Cristina.

The final push to change her life was when she developed autoimmune diseases and eventually became bedridden.

Then she found yoga – it literally saved her life!

After a lot of essential healing and self-inquiry, Cristina traveled the world for the past 10 years soaking in knowledge from various Lineages and Masters. An E-500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer and intuitive bodyworker with a deep study of the Krishnamacharya Lineage, Ashtanga, Tantra, Restorative, and Yin.  

She has also been extensively trained in a variety of healing modalities ranging from Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, Shamanic Healing and Meditation to Breathwork for Trauma Release and Yoga Nidra.  

Her life journey is one of self healing and constant study through immersion and apprenticeship.   Her classes are an authentic fusion of the wisdom passed down by her teachers.  Each class includes hands-on adjustments and is intuitively guided based on the students present, leveraging whatever tools are needed in each unique moment. 

Substitute Teachers

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Victoria Laurenza

Victoria Laurenza has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years. She is passionate about self discovery work. Victoria has taken part in several spiritual retreats. She has worked with many gifted healers and shamans. When Victoria discovered Hot yoga she instantly fell in love. Pushing her body past it’s limits coupled with the benefits of slowing the brain and strengthening the mind to body connection is something she craves. When the opportunity came to enroll in the teaching training she was encouraged to get certified and share her love for Hot. She recently completed the 60 hour Hot teacher training at Llama Yama Yoga. Victoria is humbled and honored to be Subbing for the incredible teachers at the studio. Victoria Laurenza believes that every body deserves to experience the art of yoga. She can’t wait to “meet you on the mat.”


Marley Mohamed


Hi my name is Marley, I am 22 and have been an athlete my whole life. Before I moved to Lake Havasu in 2021, I was a gym rat that was focused on the body! I noticed at a young age my body was starting to ache and my flexibility was long gone. My mom was always trying to get me to incorporate yoga into my routine. I went to my first Hot Yoga class at Llama Yama & now has changed my life for the better! Not only does yoga fuel my mind & body but now also my soul! I hope to see you soon.


Tricia French


My name is Trish. I am a hippie spirit that has been practicing Yoga most of my life but this is my first time teaching. My personal practice started with Hatha Yoga in my youth and I have added a variety of different yoga styles over the years. Yoga and meditation have been a vital part of my daily life and the inspiration for other interest all centered around a healthy , grounded , connected life. I love serving others and am very involved in our beautiful community. I have been living in beautiful Lake Havasu City for the last 20 plus years. I just love this community. I am so excited to turn the page to this new chapter and begin my teaching journey.