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YIN – An incredibly restorative, meditative practice. Hold each pose for 5-10 minutes at a time to open connective tissues and fascia. Beneficial for all ages.

HEATED YIN FLOW –A heated version of YIN, allowing your body to detoxify while resting in poses for 5-10 minutes at a time. Incorporating GENTLE VINYASA throughout practice to build strength.

HOT – One hour sequence, traditional standing series. Room heated to 105 degrees at 60-70% humidity. A moving meditation beneficial for detoxification and calming of the mind.

SILENT HOT – A silent version of HOT, with simple, short cues to guide you into a musical meditation.

VINYASA FLOW – All level vinyasa slow flow focusing on traditional sun salutations, standing and balancing postures using detailed verbal cues.

HEATED VINYASA FLOW - Awakened yet calm energy in body and mind. Active movement to breath. Sun salutations lead by flow sequence. Incredibly beneficial for strengthening and conditioning. 

ASHTANGA YOGA – Vigorous flow connecting asana and pranayama where the teacher adjusts and facilitates an improv practice based on the Ashtanga series.

HEATED VINYASA FLOW –A heated version of VINYASA FLOW, incorporating sun salutations and breath to movement. Detoxify while you FLOW!

Llama Yama Yoga | flower
Llama Yama Yoga | yoga position
Llama Yama Yoga | meditate
Llama Yama Yoga | yoga position
Llama Yama Yoga | yoga mat

HEATED HATHA YOGA – A slower paced practice holding asanas (postures) to increase awareness in your mind and body. Each posture is held for 5 breaths. Adjustments offered. Promotes strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. All levels.


RESTORATIVE – A type of yoga known for its relaxation and calming benefits. Holding minimal poses for a long duration of time with the use of multiple props. A single pose can be held 10 minutes or longer. A great opportunity to practice meditation.

KIDS YOGA- A gentle yoga practice geared towards kids and adults alike.

ADVANCED HOT – A more advanced version of the improv HOT practice, including more intermediate poses such as bird of paradise, crow pose, snail and shoulder stand.


TRADITIONAL HOT– Traditional HOT series, including 26 set postures to guide you through a heated meditation.

DANCE FIT- A moderate to high impact dance inspired fitness class incorporating strengthening and conditioning.

YOGA FIT- A yoga inspired functional fitness class incorporating mat pilates, body weight exercises and sun salutations. Great for strengthening and conditioning the body and mind. Set in a heated environment, approximately 95 degrees with added humidity.

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Llama Yama Yogi Membership


Llama Yama Yogi Seniors 55+, First Responders, Active Duty Military & Veterans


10-Class Pack



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